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The Awakening

The Awakening book cover

The Awakening

Dr. Benjamin Sykes, a brilliant neurosurgeon and engineer, has developed a device to cure psychological and neurological disorders. He awakens a comatose schizophrenic, only to learn the patient believes his hallucinatory friend is a manifestation of God. Can Ben find a way past his consuming need to fix people and separate the delusion from the religion without destroying the patient he's worked so hard to save?

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Carla D. from Pepita Mágica blog

"Wow! Incredible beginning and awesome ending. It’s a short-story well-written and well-conceived. I devoured this story! I liked all the scientific and futuristic side, but also the moral lesson. An interesting way to talk about mental illness and its possible scientific findings. Favourite!"

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The Awakening is available in print and ebook formats in the Endless Worlds anthology.