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The truth will set her free...or be her undoing

Condemned murderer Jora Lanseri is offered a chance at redemption in exchange for her silence. Driven to protect her only remaining brother, she must secretly uncover the dark and hidden forces that are smuggling the life-giving godfruit to Serocia's enemies and perpetuating the long and bloody war.

Aided by the dolphin Sundancer, Jora discovers more long-forgotten secrets of the Spirit Stones, giving her one chance to turn the tide against the warmongers profiting from the deaths of Serocian soldiers. When she learns the identity of the one calling the shots in this twisted scheme, she must risk the king’s wrath and the lives of those she holds most dear to stop her nemesis.

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If you like unique magic systems, engaging characters, and fiery battle scenes, then you'll love Call of the Colossus.

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Here's what people are saying about Call of the Colossus.

Maureen, Amazon US Reader

"Wow, this series really keeps the reader on their toes. There is even more intrigue and more twists in this book than the first! You don't want to miss it!"

Lady Lightning, Amazon US Reader

"The trial and tribulations of Jora continue to be overcome with wisdom and love. The freeing of the first Colosuss was thrilling and I could understand them easily."

Jaguarwoman, Amazon US Reader

"This series has one of the more original of magical systems I've read lately. From the start, I loved the setting and characters, the musical form the magic obeys and, of course, the dolphin! The story continues to evolve and grow in complexity, with characters facing many tests and challenges. I had a hard time putting this one down, as I "rooted" for the young protagonist to overcome all that confronted her. Definitely an entertaining and fun read."

Hannah, Amazon UK Reader

"A brilliant sequel to the initial Sea Spirit's song, this book held my attention from beginning to end. An absolute pleasure to read, K.C draws you into a world that you could really see happening through the fallacies of mankind, and takes you on a fabulous journey. I especially enjoyed the subterfuge, and am eager to read more."

A Barnes & Noble Reader

"Call of the Colossus by K.C. May captivated my imagination and kept me enthralled page by page!"

A Barnes & Noble Reader

Excellent story, though rather tragic. Very hard to put down.

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